Feature matrix

Visual Studio Integration

Supports efficient integration in the development process

Work with all versions of VS 2008 and 2010 (also VS express editions)

VS designer for graphical interface

  • Two way editing keeps graphical and text representation of test in sync
  • Enables manual build up by dragging crosshair to objects or adding children to priory added element
  • Adjust user interface mapping logic (by setting properties)
  • Highlight current position on screen

Refactoring support

Run and debug tests from inside VS>

VS project and item templates

VS integrated help

Work Approach

Flexible and adaptive test automation environment

User can use parts of the framework in their individually created test suites

Recording Control

Record mode that adds user interface elements and test logic code

Pause / Resume / Delete control to minimize recording irrelevant actions in test

Verification and comment additions during test recording

Open applications in test during test recording

Saves images of all objects when recording test

User Interface Map

Maps complex path to finding UI elements into simple name

Shows visual representation of UI map object for recognition

Add dummy objects to enable immediate test logic creation, to later replace with actual objects when they are at hand

Hiding VS, bringing up application(s) in test

Testrunner window with log file functionality


ControlPart support, can be used to handle user defined parts of controls

Regular expression support

Automatic application status detection in AUT, removes need for setting delays

Intelligent control of objects (e.g. scrollbars and menus)

Multiple screen support

Input blocker, prevents physical interference during test execution

Possibility to adjust timeout settings per object without interfering with test logic

Build tests as standalone executables that can be distributed freely

Invoke methods in aut to set certain states and verify non-visual data / information.

Set and get properties on controls in the AUT

Seamlessly mix UI and API tests