Automated UI testing for developers

TAFX supports full Visual Studio integration. The User interface map is edited graphically inside the studio as a designer. The UIMap can also be edited in code through the InitializeComponent method. When recording tests the code for the test will be automatically inserted into the code editor. You can choose if you want to add new methods or append/replace existing methods. For a feature summary, see the Feature Matrix.

Full Visual Studio Integration. TAFX works with all versions of Visual Studio, also the free Express versions.

Easy to use recording that generates pure .NET code.

TAFX has a Framework approach which allows flexible test customization.

Great support.

Why choose TAFX

Few quotes from our customers and why they like TAFX.

100% .NET code

It's creating real code (in my case C#), which is invaluable for me: for maintenability, archivability, flexibility and so on. It is much easier to write in C# (I can ask my developers for support) than in a proprietary script language I would have to learn from scratch (or worse: endless grids of non-maintanable dropboxes). It also lets me build a good testing framework.

Seamless integration with NUnit

It has seamless integration with NUnit (that my team uses for unit and integration tests). My data driven test come from the same CSVs, and GUI test reports are just appended to unit test reports, granting easy archiving and maintenance.

Superb UI object recognition

It has much better recognition of the complex UI objects my developers use (Telerik, Infragistic, home-made): 25% of my clics are in x/y mode, versus 67% with TestComplete or Ranorex

Best price

It's four times cheaper than other commercial solutions.

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